Sunah Yun –  Painting/Drawing
Oil on Panel
36 x 36 in.
Go Hang Your Self
Oil pastel on black oil paper
81 x 42
Oil pastel on water color paper
26 x 51 in.
Pulling Head Out of the Grass
Oil on Panel
12 x 36 in.
Artist Statement
Conflict is constant. In these series the conflict with oneself, the inner turmoil is brought out into open. Tangled and weaved lines represents the inner strengths and weaknesses spilling out melting with the flesh. The energy and intensity echo the gesture the figures are portraying. It's an individual experience therefore, each figure is always in its own personal space. They are self-contained. Most often devoid of any context, they reveal a psychic state.

The gestures arising from the inner conflicts are self-inflicted pain and self- destructive behavior. Other forms are self-doubt, self-censorship, self-deprecation, self-recrimination etc. Even self-mutilation and suicidal tendencies, though extreme, are variances. Also self-restraint and self-control, both negative and positive attributes are part of that equation.

The self-destructive behavior seems to be more acute in contemporary life with its alienation and self-obsessive consumerism and conformism. Yet destructive and creative forces must coexist like the Yin and Yang symbol, they are equal partners. The dark and the light are intertwined in a circle and each has a part of the other imbedded in them. Between the dark and the light, my primary interest is the destructive impulses, the self-directed ones. I expose, explore and examine the complexity of this psychological condition as well as the physical manifestation resulting from it.

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