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Cube Beyond Cube
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Saya Da Jung – Cube Beyond Cube

"The true truth between two humans cannot be expressed. As soon as we speak doors are closing." (Robert Musil in: The Man Without Qualities, 1942)

"Perceiving the distance between others and me hurts and comforts me at the same time. I always make efforts to communicate, but my intended communication always ends up half-distorted and half-painted. I suffer from imperfect communication, but if I stopped contriving to communicate, it would mean giving up existing as a human being." (Saya Da Jung)

Cubes, containers, boxes - they are the favorite and essential elements in several theories on information, language and communication. Filled with whatever content, they do not remain in hermetic secrecy; they rather tend to an osmotic exchange with their environment. Or, beyond models and methods on the rather abstract term "communication" and regarding the physical aspect forced to the most extreme situation, a room can, figuratively, become a prison cell, once the door is closed. In this soundproof space thoughts cumulate until they find psychic discharge in an introverted creativity, mostly as sgrafitti on the wall. But the isolating cube can also become a fortress, which we look for when we need shelter and must get away from the frustrating and deceiving experience of everyday communication.

Saya Da Jung opens widely the doors of Gallery UNO: In the "white cube" of the gallery space, which stresses the attention of the viewer on the displayed work without any deviation or distraction, Saya Da Jung starts, with "Cube Beyond Cube", a further attempt to diminish the gap between her and other people. With her surrealistic installation, where she combines painting and video, she invites the audience to experience the opportunities and the limits of communication within her personal field of research. With the TV monitor, which displays her video piece, another sort of cube is introduced: Filled with words and visuals composed by the artist, the video now tries in place of the artist to find entry points in the viewer's attention. When it is responded the whole gallery space becomes a vibrant and ethereous space, full of thoughts and their echoes. Saya Da Jung does the utmost to close the gap between people. The gap shrinks to a hairline crack on the wall of whatever cube, black, white or concrete grey.

SAYA DA JUNG received her M.F.A from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Film, Video and New Media department in 2010, and completed her M.F.A Daejin University, Korea in Fine Arts, 2005. Since 2002 she had several group and solo exhibitions in Seoul and Chicago, and she is presently working as a vice director of [prak-sis] Contemporary Art Association.


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